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The 127 Collection is officially a year old!

Welcome to our first blog! As the founder of The 127 Collection, I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported my business over the past year! I decided to share two of my biggest takeaways, although there were many more, I will save that for another post!

1. Give yourself grace!

The first lesson this year in business has taught me is to give myself grace in everything that I do. Today does not mark a year of me releasing my products, it marks a year of me officially registering my business and sharing it with everyone. Now this bothered me in the beginning of 2021 because I felt like a failure. I felt that even though I "launched" my business, I had nothing to show other than it being registered with the state of NJ (of course, aside from me testing my products and working on the business side of things). However, I had to give myself grace and just take one thing at a time. I not only was working full-time, I was in graduate school full-time, and trying to get my business up and running. I wasn't a failure for not having products to launch on the day I envisioned, I was doing the best I could and that is okay. Give yourself grace in everything that you do and make sure you acknowledge even the smallest wins!

2. Consistency is key!

The second lesson I have learned through this journey is that consistency is key. Make sure you are showing up for yourself and holding your own self accountable. While nothing happens overnight, with a consistent schedule and time commitment you can get so much done. In July of 2021, I set a goal to increase my IG followers so I decided to commit to posting on The 127 Collection's instagram at least once or twice a week. Now I am not an Instagram or social media expert, but what I do know is that consistency (in whatever way that may be) will show results. I started July 2021 with 90 followers on Instagram, and after consistently posting weekly, by the end of 2021 The 127 Collection had 170 followers. Now that's not a huge increase, but I still achieved my goal by creating meaningful content. I showed up for my business consistently and for that reason I am proud. Make sure to consistently show up for whatever you are passionate about and whatever you do, do not give up on yourself!

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