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Our story:

The 127 Collection started as a hobby of Daria’s from her love of fragrances and creating memories. The inspiration behind the name came from a few of her own memories and meaningful events. Not only is 1/27 her birthday, but it is also the birthday of her uncle who passed away before she was born. Described as an artistic, loving, and family-oriented man, her Uncle Gregory and her share a lot in common. Commonly thought of as the ‘lucky’ number while growing up, 127’s family significance holds much weight to Daria and keeps her close to special memories.


Our logo:

Our brand is represented by a Monarch butterfly and the unalome symbol. The Monarch represents transformation and embracing change, something we must all encounter in life. While the unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment, with the spirals in the symbol meant to symbolize the twist and turns in life. We must acknowledge that we are always growing and changing, and those bumps in the road will not stop us.  


Our goal with our products is to help you bring peace and harmony into your space. Change can often be disruptive and unwanted and it should not prevent you from enjoying the little things in life. 


Logo created by ARTFKEY owned and operated by Keyon McClamb.


In loving memory of Uncle Gregory.


-The 127 Collection


Daria’s one piece of advice to all is to follow your dreams and never stop until you are truly happy. 


The 127 Collection hopes to bring you joy, love, and light while you create the memories that matter most to you!

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